Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Johan, Meet the Mets

I am happy.

I am filled with pure and utter glee.

It's not that I didn't want Johan Santana in pinstripes; it's that the price requested--at least one of the "Big Three" is much too high.

It's true, we don't know exactly how the Big Three are going to turn out, but it's a far worse crime to not give them a chance.

While I do think the Mets got the better end of the deal, I also think we're underrating the package that the Mets sent to Minnesota. Bill Smith is many things, but he's not stupid.

So congratulations to the New York Mets on a fine pick up, you got what you desperately needed (a pitcher), and the Yankees will hold onto their youth--and their future--for a little longer.

(sorry this took me so long to get up, I just got back from class!)


  1. I can't help but think that they Yankees could have pulled off a deal without giving up any of the big three, considering what the mets got him for. According to Peter Gammons (not that he knows anything, though) that the 4 guys the Twins got would not have cracked the Yankees top 10 prospects.

  2. What a great deal for the Mets and what a fool Bill Smith appears to be. Viva the youth! :)

  3. Nate: Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but the Twins knew they could get one of the big three, so for them, it seems to have been an all or nothing thing. Not quite sure what was on Bill Smith's mind, but I'm happy enough not knowing.

    Zack: Youth is a wonderful thing!

  4. Rebecca,
    You have a wonderful gift. I think I know prose, and expect you to continue your infinitely better than average posts. I am glad the Santana sweepstakes are over and we are intact. Time to see what the kiddie's can do. Don't be surprised if Kennedy is the best of the lot.
    Keep up the good work,
    But don't let your schoolwork languish.
    There is a lifetime left to blog.

  5. Nice article on Pete Abe's blog, Rebecca....
    Paul from Mexico

  6. Kim: That is high praise indeed. Thank you!

    Paul: Muchas gracias =D

  7. Rebecca...
    I hope your paper is done. I know it will be well received.

    On another blog, I (as well as you) and a few others have steadfastly refused to condone the trade. The situation is similar to the time they brought up Pettitte, Mo and then Jete and Jorge. Now these guys stick together and support each-other. Will we get lightning in a bottle from; Duncan, Melky, Cano, Joba, Hughes, and IPK? Four of them are very demonstrative and we have seen how it energizes the other guys on the team. Will they be a better and more energized team than last year? I think so. Keep Scooter handy will you!? 27/08