Thursday, March 13, 2008

AAAAARRGGHHH Matey! (Exhibition Game Notes)

Today's game exemplifies why you don't pay attention to the score in a Spring Training game.

1) The story of today will be Billy Crystal. It SHOULD be Mike Mussina. He retired 15 straight, and while I grant that Pittsburgh doesn't really have a great line up, to see Mussina look as good has he did is a very encouraging thought. What's interesting is that even though last year was a bad year for Mussina, he was still above .500 for the year. Hmmm...

2) Okay, the Billy Crystal thing was kind of cool. He did strike out, but he worked the count full, and he did make contact. his swing actually looked better than some other players who shall remain nameless.

3) Karstens and Traber did not have good outings. You like to say one bad outing, no big deal, but when there are all these other people vying for your spot, it's not really the time to be messing up.

4) I don't know who Cody Ransom is, but I like him more each game.

5) Molina is having an excellent Spring Training.

6) Paulie + Coney in the broadcast booth = genius.

Right, am off for night one of three in a row of college basketball! If any of you have tickets to the Big East Tournament, come find me and say hi!


  1. Rebecca - I agree that the score is not important - it is the performances. I do think Traber got robbed on a strike call that would have been the third out of the inning with no runs scored.
    I was thrilled with Moose's performance.
    Enjoy the Big East tournament. Sorry Syracuse is out.

  2. I've found Paul O'Neill in the booth with ANYONE is good. Him and Bobby Murcer is great, he's great with Ken Singleton. No disrespect to David Cone, but I think it's O'Neill that makes it good stuff. He doesn't take any crap from Michael Kay and it's great!