Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Notes from a Monday

1) If the Yankees play all their games like tonight, we'll be in good shape. Well, in terms of offense, anyway. Canò was a double shy of the cycle, and the Yankees had a bunch of home runs. Don't ask me to list them all, I know Canò and Cabrera and Giambi had bombs but can't remember if anyone else did.

2) Hughes looked much better today than in his past couple of starts, but 86 pitches through five is a bit too many, even for a strike out pitcher. Still, he's progressing very nicely and if you're a Yankee fan and not encouraged, then there's something very, very wrong.

3) Rivera was vintage.

4) Boston and Oakland open the season for real tomorrow. I will not be waking up at 6 AM, sorry. I didn't do it when the Yankees went to Japan, so I sure as heck am not doing it for Boston.

4a) Speaking of Boston, I'm going to the Yankees-Red Sox game on 4/12, which happens to be the 22nd anniversary of my birth. Thus, that weekend, blogging is likely to be very sporadic, but I promise pictures, unless my camera dies or gets stolen.

5) I've broken the 30 page mark on my thesis, which is good. I only have 50 more to go. I have three weeks. And a full courseload. Oops?

6) I'm in love with the German band Faun. Most of you will probably not like the medieval pagan folk music, but if you're like me and a medieval history geek, or if you're up for trying something new, give them a listen. They don't sing in English, though, just so you know.

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  1. The best drink I've ever had in my life came the day I finished my thesis. It may have been the greatest drink, ever.