Thursday, March 27, 2008

Matsui Gets Married

Hideki Matsui has gotten married.

So, of course, major congratulations to him, and, judging by the sound of things, the Yankee clubhouse is a great place to be right now.

Still, that does leave one very, very nagging, pressing question:

What about all that porn?

In other news, Reggie Jackson will throw the first pitch for Opening Day.

I had hoped to be able to live blog the game, but unless I take my laptop to class, I won't be able to tune in till about the fourth inning or so. I can always hope pregame ceremonies last a long time...


I've got a ton of work, so I'll do a double preview tomorrow. Maybe I'll treble it and make it an AL Central Spectacular. Probably not.

1 comment:

  1. I thought that your one nagging question would be the one I had - "Why did he have to run up to NY to marry her and right back to Tampa when the Yankees will be back home in NY Saturday night. He could have married her Sunday or on the off day Tuesday."
    As for your question - maybe they can use the porn together!