Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day Scores N Stuffs

(Note: Normally I do these at the end of a postgame recap, but we don't have one of those today)

Yankees and Blue Jays and Colorado at St. Louis were both postponed.

Mets beat Marlins 7-2. Santana made his debut and did not allow a hit until the fourth inning.

Indians beat White Sox 10-8. Once again, Sabathia shows strike outs don't necessarily mean you'll have a good start. See Igawa, Kei for details. Also, Cleveland scored seven in the second, but the White Sox tied it by the eighth.

Dodgers beat Giants 5-0 in Joe Torre's Dodger blue debut. Barry Zito is apparently San Fransisco's #1 starter. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Ray beat Orioles 6-2 with James Shields starting in place of Scott Kazmir. My fantasy team mourns.

Nationals beat Phillies 11-6 with five in the top of the ninth. The Nats are now 2-0, but remember, it's not how you start...

Royals beat Tigers 5-4 in eleven. Miguel Cabrera had a home run, but Detroit has some serious bullpen issues, as had been said before.

Brewers beat Cubs 4-3 in ten. Game was scoreless until the ninth.

Diamondbacks beat Reds 4-2. Reds had three hits the entire game.

Rangers over Mariners, 1-0 in the sixth, Twins and Angels tied at two in the fifth and Braves over Pirates 4-2 in the top of the fifth.

Astros and Padres play later tonight.

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