Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Notes From an Interesting Day

1) There's a reason I'm terrified of tornadoes

2) If you haven't heard Shelley Duncan's audio in response to his suspension, hop on over to Yankees LoHud/Pete Abraham and listen. Pete's got it right; he really does sound like a kid that's on the verge of tears. If nothing else, this is a kid that's got baseball in his heart, and whatever you think of his play, we are lucky to have him.

3) I understand (even if I don't agree) with Shelley getting suspended more games than Johnny Gomes, but I am at a loss as to why Melky also got three games when Gomes just got two.

3a) This brings up an interesting who-will-DH question. So, who do you guys think will be our Opening Day DH?

4) I've been spending each night at the Big East Tournament, and have tickets to tomorrow's game as well. It's a lot of fun, but not the same without Syracuse there. However, for something really cool, check out how Minnesota-Indiana ended.


  1. Giambi will DH. Betemit or Ensberg will play first. The real question is who will be the backup outfielder with Melky and Shelley benched.

  2. I was surprised the Gomes only got 2 games. If he doesn't run in from right field there is no brawl.

    I think that Melky will appeal and thus be able to play on opening day. However if he doesn't appeal I expect Giambi as DH. I also think that the Yanks may have one of the utility players expected to make the team work out in the outfield in the next two weeks just as an emergency replacement while Cabrera is out.