Thursday, March 6, 2008

Predicting the Roster

I missed all of the Yankees' exhibition game today and didn't even get the chance to follow via text message (that's what three midterms will do to you), so, alas, no postgame notes.

It's still early, but you can basically get a feel for what the Yankees roster is going to look like:

LF Johnny Damon/Hideki Matsui
SS Derek Jeter
RF Bobby Abreu
3B Alex Rodriguez
C Jorge Posada
1B Jason Giambi/Shelley Duncan
2B Robinson Canò
DH Shelley Duncan/Jason Giambi/Hideki Matsui
CF Melky Cabrera

Bench: Wilson Betemit, Morgan Ensberg, Chris Woodward Jose Molina.

Wow, I am REALLY off my game today.

Pitching (I'm not projecting the rotation order, just who's on the pitching staff)

1. Chien Ming Wang
2. Andy Pettitte
3. Mike Mussina
4. Phil Hughes
5. Ian Kennedy
6. Joba Chamberlain
7. Mariano Rivera
8. Kyle Farnsworth
9. LaTroy Hawkins
10. Jeff Karstens
11. Billy Traber
12. Ross Ohlendorf

Now you can argue the roster all you want, but if I were you, I'd just be glad all these guys are healthy. If you don't get what I mean, take a look at the Mets depth chart and look at all the red crosses.

To put that in perspective, it'd be like Abreu, Melky, Damon, Matsui, Giambi, Shelley, Robbie, Molina and Betemit all going down.

So yeah. Healthy is good. Hopefully we stay that way.


  1. You forgot about Molina on the bench, which means you have to bump someone. I would bump Woodward. Jeter and Cano don't need much rest, and Betemit can handle the middle infield on those days, and Betemit as well as Ensberg can play third. Also, why do so many people like Jeff Karstens?

  2. Nate - I agree. Betemit can cover the infield. I think that the Yanaks will only carry one bench player.
    Karstens can be a valuable long reliever. He pitched in the off season and apparently has become an effective pitcher.

    Rebecca - I do agree with the 12 pitchers that you selected

  3. ...How the hell did I forget Jose?!

    and I second Fran on Karstens.

  4. But why use a roster spot on a mediocre pitcher, just because he can throw multiple innings at a time. Why not give his spot insted to Scott Patterson, Jon Albaladejo or Chris Britton? Long relievers aren't really very necessary, and Joba can throw 2-3 innings if thats whats needed.

  5. Nate: Karstens is better than you're giving him credit for--remember, when he did pitch last season towards the end, he was coming off a broken leg.

    Joba, he's not, but he's more effective than most people seem to want to give him credit for

  6. Yes but even his minor league #'s are bad.
    5 Seasons- 9.13 H/9, 2.30 BB/9, 7.53 K/9, 1.27 WHIP. That's just not very good, and those are the minors. They don't have this stat for the minors, but his major league GB rate is 40%, which is bad.
    Scott Patterson, Britton, Albaladejo are all better than Karstens. Maybe even Veras is better.

  7. The Yanks really seem to like Woodward and he can cover a variety of positions. I think Ensberg will be the odd man out, though personally I wouldn't feel a big loss if the Yanks left Betemit off. But I know that won't happen.

  8. I'm not too worried. If it doesn't work out, we've got enough pitching talent we'd be able to remedy the situation.

    As long as we stay healthy, I'm down with it.