Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day Pregame Notes

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I don't generally liveblog, but on certain occasions, I might. However, I do recaps so make sure to check back after the game!

Normally I'll do these posts closer to game time, but I have class at 12.45 and likely won't be able to get this up before then.

So here we go...

The Yankees are coming off of what should be considered a good spring. If you're judging spring training by Grapefruit League records, you should probably be a Tampa Bay fan, no offense.

Everyone the Yankees need healthy is healthy...or in the case of Jeter and Pettitte, healthy enough. The pitching might not be perfect, but you have to have more confidence in a Wang-Mussina (yes, him)-Hughes-Pettitte-Kennedy rotation than Pavano--Igawa--whoever else it was.

Meanwhile, Toronto's already doing the injury thing it does so well: Janssen is gone for the year, Rolen is down, BJ Ryan isn't back yet, and Matt Stairs is also questionable.

However, Roy Halladay is healthy and he has traditionally pitched well at Yankee Stadium, so the Yankees need to count on a strong outing from Chien Ming Wang. Given that Wang's won 19 games each of the past two years, though, Wang is probably up for the task.

Of note: the hour-by-hour forecast says that it's supposed to start raining at one and rain right on through to Tuesday, so there is a possibility we will have to wait a day. Though I figure that's what happens when you decide to start the season in March.

Scores from tonight:

The Washington Nationals beat the Atlanta Braves, 3-2 on a walk-off home run from Ryan Zimmerman in the bottom of the ninth. After scoring two runs in the first, the Nats didn't even get another runner on base until Zimmerman's home run.

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  1. Opening Day is always so exciting. The big thing is that the Yankees are coming into the season virtually injury free!