Friday, March 21, 2008

Some Notes From Today

1) What's wrong with this statement: The Yankees and the Rays, dueling in a scoreless game in the eighth inning, Rasner having started for the pinstripes...

[EDIT: So it's not scoreless any more, but it was when I started this post!]

2) So I get not calling Davidson and Western Kentucky getting lucky, but how the heck does my brother bet San Diego on a coin flip and I...don't? St. Joe's and Vanderbilt are killing me as well. As my brother said, "Madness? THIS IS MARCH!" (don't worry, he hasn't kicked me into a bottomless well...)

Also, when they do those studies about how March Madness costs millions in productivity, they need to study how many hours of productivity college students lose...

3) I know my posts have been sporadic of late; this week has been fairly tough academically wise and it'll get worse over the next few weeks before it gets better. Until it clears up, I do apologize.

4) Tampa's offering two tickets to opening day for $20. I am very, very tempted. However, on that note, I will find out around dinnertime tomorrow whether or not I have tickets to Yankees-Sox on my birthday next month. If I do go, I'll make specially sure to take some great photos.

5) Brian Bruney still can't locate.

6) Some of you have asked about "The Season". I am still working on it, and apologize for the lack of updates. There's a reason for it, but I don't want to get into it right now. Let's just call it a secret.


  1. I called Davidson and Western Kentucky winning, but San Diego killed me. Still, UConn losing is always good.

    Never apologize for lack of posts. Schoolwork necessarily comes first.

    Hoping you get those Sox-Yanks tix!

    I'm missing The Season. Even Alyssa!

  2. Good luck on getting those Yankee-Red Sox tickets.