Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Miss Twinkies (Exhibition Notes, Game 5)

Okay, I miss all those devil dog-like things with immortal shelf lives, but that's not what you care about, I'm guessing.

Anyway, some notes:

1) I missed the first half of the game, when the Yankees scored all their runs, taking a mid-term. I'm assuming there's no correlation there.

2) I did see Joba's second inning of work. He looked shaky, but I'm assuming he was using the opportunity to work on a curve and a change, in which case the shakiness is to be expected. If he's still pitching like this in the middle of May, well, then I might get a little concerned, but, dude, if you can hit 97 MPH on March 5th, I'm not exactly worried.

3) Albaladejo was good enough, in my opinion, but Edwar is a little worrying. He's simply either really good or really bad, and, well, when it's the ninth inning with a one run lead in September at Fenway with the division on the line, do you really want to be worrying about whether or not it's a good day or a bad day?

4) So right now I'm thinking the Yankees may get more production out of their first base platoon situation than the mainstays. Or maybe Shelley is just that insane.

5) I'm waiting for this game to end so I can go make pasta and study Neuro, but it doesn't want to end. One of those things, I guess.


  1. I missed most of the game too. But can you imagine all of the screaming if Mussina had Joba's shaky outing!
    Duncan is certainly making a case for himself. Let's hope he keeps that up.
    And by the way - good luck on your exams.

  2. How about Ohlendorf? That was pretty crazy.