Wednesday, March 26, 2008

While You Were Sleeping...

...(or working on your thesis)...

The Yankees claimed Felix Heredia, LHP, off waivers from Cincinnati.

Yes, again.

(It's buried on the ESPN MLB transactions page. You may have missed it. 24 March.)

Also, check out for that day the last entry for Toronto:

Activated pitcher Cory Lidle from 15 day DL.

[edit]: I can't decide if this is real or some sick joke. I'm going to go look at some other sources and see what comes up.

[edit]: has nothing of the sort. Some sick April Fool's joke? (The Lidle bit, obviously.)

[edit]: Looks like ESPN might be having some trouble with their software. It's late. My neurons are beyond fried. Only so much Yorkist rebellion I can take in a day.

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