Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Speaking of those Blue Jays...(Notes, Exhibition Game #4)

Once again, I did not catch the game so these notes are solely based on text messages sent during my lunch break.

Also, I found it funny that we played Toronto given my Toronto preview yesterday.

1) Kei Igawa had three perfect innings. Next stop, pitching against a Major League level roster...

Okay, joking aside, it'd got to be great for his confidence. I'm not saying I want him in the rotation (I don't), but if he can figure out how to pitch American style, he could be really helpful out of the bullpen. It's a big if.

2) I know Phil Hughes isn't going to be perfect every time out, but it's still nice to see!

3) Shelley Duncan wants to play. Badly. At the rate he's going, I'd say that he wants it more than anyone else out there. Could you imagine if we had this competition for every position? It really does make the team better.

4) The weather deities don't seem to like me us very much.


  1. Didn't see or hear the game but I read about it. I know that Shelly Duncan has played hard. I think that competition is good, but I don't think it would matter at every position. I don't think that competition for a spot would make Alex or Derek or Jorge any better, nor would anyone beat them out! I think that it is good for the rookies and the players who are "on the bubble".

  2. Well, you can't really make A-Rod or Jorge any better, I agree, but, we've got a lot of young guys...

  3. Just wanted to say I am lovong all the blog updates, particularly the game updates since I don't get to catch them at work.

  4. Hey Rebecca! It was amazing to hear that Kei Igawa pitched three scoreless innings. It's definitely a step in the right direction for him. I just wonder how his location was. Maybe he will be able to keep the ball down and come inside a bit more, just add a few new wrinkles.