Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Something Cone-y This Way Comes (Exhibition Game Notes)

Some notes from today's game against Toronto:

1) Chien Ming Wang looked MUCH better today than he did his last time out, keeping it a little too high in the first inning, but getting much better as the game went on, which is obviously a really good thing.

2) The bats did their thing today. If there's one aspect of the 2008 Yankees I'm really not worried about (well, at least, not right now), it's the offense.

3) Molina was totally safe on the slide, but, that aside, I'd pay good money to see him and Posada in a foot race. An Olympic track star, he is not. However, trying to steal on him would be like signing my own 'out' warrant.

4) Cone was awesome in the broadcast booth. I could listen to him game in, game out.

5) Girardi, to use a geek term, pwned Michael Kay during the interview, and it was a beautiful thing.


  1. Wang was much better today as was the rest of the pitching.
    Girardi owned Kay during that 5th inning interview. It was funny.

  2. Nice recap. Personally, I love Flaherty in the booth.

    And Girardi rocked hardcore. But seriously, pwned? How do you even pronounce that? Give me some vowells please!