Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brackets, Not Braces

I know I owe a season team preview, the Nationals are up next, but I'll likely have to do two tomorrow.

Anyway. Syracuse still has my heart broken. Round One upset picks in bold. Most picks are from my gut and have no scientific basis.

Play in Game: Mt. Saint Mary's over Coppin State.

Round One:

UNC over Mt. St. Mary's.
Indiana over Arkansas
Notre Dame over George Mason
Washington St. over Winthrop
St. Joe's over Oklahoma
Louisville over Boise State
Butler over South Alabama
Tennessee over American
Kansas over Portland State
Kent State over UNLV
Clemson over Villanova
Vanderbilt over Siena
USC over Kansas State
Wisconsin over Cal State Fullerton
Gonzaga over Davidson
Georgetown over UMBC
Memphis over Texas Arlington
Oregon over MSU
Temple over MSU
Pitt over Oral Roberts
Marquette over Kentucky
Stanford over Cornell
Miami over St. Mary's
Texas over Austin Peay
BYU over Texas A+M
Drake over Western Kentucky
Connecticut over San Diego
Purdue over Baylor
Georgia over Xavier
Arizona over West Virginia
Duke over Belmont

Round Two:
UNC over Indiana
Notre Dame over Washington State
St. Joe's over Louisville
Tennessee over Butler
Kansas over Kent State
Clemson over Vanderbilt
Wisconsin over USC
Georgetown over Gonzaga
Memphis over Oregon
Pitt over Temple
Stanford over Marquette
Texas over Miami
Connecticut over Drake
Purdue over Georgia
Duke over Arizona

Sweet Sixteen:

UNC over Notre Dame
Tennessee over St. Joe's
Clemson over Kansas
Georgetown over Wisconsin
Pitt over Memphis
Stanford over Texas
UCLA over Connecticut
Duke over Purdue

Elite Eight

UNC over Tennesee
Clemson over Georgetown
Pitt over Stanford
UCLA over Duke

Final Four

UNC over Clemson
Pitt over UCLA

Pitt over UNC


  1. Rebecca - Your final is Pitt over UCLA. That's a semi-final. Do you mean Pitt over UNC?

    I have UNC winning it all. My final 4 are UNC, Kansas, Duke and Memphis. My final is UNC vs. Memphis with UNC winning it all. I have no scientific formula for my picks but I like making picks and then watching the games to see how I did.

    Hope you enjoyed your break.