Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Halladay outduels Burnett in Toronto (Postgame Notes 12 May 2009)

Man, are these Yankees snakebitten or what?

AJ Burnett pitched pretty well tonight. Six hits and a couple of walks.

Roy Halladay pitched a heck of a lot better He faced two hitters over the minimum and of the five hits the Yankees had, two were hit by the piping-hot Johnny Damon.

Roy Halladay is one of the best pitchers in the game today, if not the best. He's something like 12-2 against the Yankees in his last 18 starts (now either still 12-2 or 13-1).

Losing a game to Halladay is not the same sort of embarrassment that, say, losing to Sidney Ponson or Oliver Perez might bring, but teams that win World Series are teams that can beat Roy Halladay or Justin Verlander or whomever.

There's really not much else to be said for the game tonight. Halladay dominated and it can be argued the Yankees were lucky to get the one run they did.

Kevin Cash looked horrible at the late, but I suspect you don't expect more from your fourth string catcher.

Hideki Matsui left the game with tightness in his hamstring. It's tempting to argue for the firing of the Yankees' conditioning coach, but when a team's as old as the Yankees are, injuries are going to happen regardless of who's involved with strength and conditiong.