Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yankees at Blue Jays, 14 May 2009: A Liveblog

3.57 PM: Just a heads up, I got plans this weekend (surprising, I know), and won't be able to cover any games live. I'll do my best to make sure I get a couple posts up, but I will be back Monday, no sweat.

3.58 PM: Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui are both back in today's line up. Melky Cabrera is sitting in favor of Brett Gardner; one assumes this is to reward Gardner's performance last night and nothing else.

5.14 PM: Yanks have promoted Reegie Corona from Trenton to SWB; the Scranton team has not scored a run in four games.

5.23 PM: Great news, Yanks fans: Someone in the front office has a brain!

" According to the new rules, posted on the Yankees’ Web site, fans can watching batting practice starting three hours before the start of each home game. Fans can stay on the field level and in the bleachers until the players leave the field or 1 hour 45 minutes after the gates open. Then “all fans will be asked to return their respective seats."

NY Times Bats blog

6.29 PM: This can't be good

7.11 PM: Johnny Damon has tied Don Mattingly and Paul O'Neill with 10 consecutive games with an extra base hit with that double.

7.20 PM: One more out and three walks later, Tallet walks Swisher and forces in a run. 1-0 Yanks. Could have more here but Canó has horrible numbers with the bases loaded so we'll see.

7.24 PM: Told yah. Actually, that was an excellent call by the umpire.

7.32 PM: When it's going well, it's really going well. Damon made a great catch to end the first inning.

7.37 PM: Nothing to see there as the Yankees go down in order. Had Gardner bunted a little slower he may have been safe.

7.42 PM: I like this version of CC.

7.51 PM: A hit and nothing else in the top of the third.

8.03 PM: What is it with Robbie Canó not hitting with the bases loaded? Because he's an awesome hitter otherwise.

8.07 PM: Single and nothing else doing there. This game could be over by 9.

8.12 PM: Solo HR from Alex Rios ties the ballgame. This guy has a personal vendetta against the Yanks, or something.

8.21 PM: That was so not the inning the Yankees needed.

8.28 PM: Wheels have come off CC a little bit here. Walk and a double and now 2-1 Toronto. Yanks are still in this, of course, but they haven't hit Tallet well.

8.32 PM: Brett Gardner (yes, that Brett Gardner) just nabbed Barajas at home to keep it a 2-1 game.

8.37 PM: This is Brian Tallet. We aren't hitting him because...

8.52 PM: Jeter plays defense? Since when?

9.00 PM: Walk to Gardner and perfect hit-and-run execution. What this means is even if Jeter GIDPs here, the Yanks could (likely) still tie the game.

9.04 PM: Jeterian clutch! Gardner scores on the blooper and Yanks have first and second with no out.

9.14 PM: What's frustrating is that in another two weeks, A-Rod probably hits three 3-Run home runs based on the pitches he saw that at bat. Still, the Yanks tied the score and have six more outs to play with, provided they keep Toronto from scoring.

9.28 PM: This is what an ace does. He gets himself out of his own jams. Now the Yanks gotta go out there and score some runs.

9.33 PM: Hit-deki Matsui. Punnalicioius, I know.

9.42 PM: Hold onto your hats folks. A one-run lead heading into the 8th could be in for a wild ride.

9.48 PM: Okay, I'm trying to decide what's scarier: Veras warming or that near XBH.

9.49 PM: The Yanks held onto that 3-2 lead there by about two feet. An insurance run (or two or three) here would be oh so wonderful...

9.55 PM: You nervous?

10.02 PM: There is only one Mo Rivera.