Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yankees vs Orioles, 19 May 2009: A Liveblog

5.39 PM: Sabathia's on the mound for the Yanks and Matsui is back in the line up, batting fifth as DH. Alex Rodriguez is also playing third; hopefully, then, the Yanks won't need the defense they needed last night!

Also, Brian Bruney is slated to come off the DL and the NY Post is reporting that the Los Angeles Dodgers will play in the Bronx next year.

5.56 PM: Apparently Michael Kay is not too fond of AJ Burnett's walk-off pies. I am not quite sure how to express this politely, but I'll try. These guys are paid to play a game. They're having some fun with it. It's not like murdering babies out there. So what. the. hell. is the big deal if they eat a few whipped cream pies?

6.26 PM: No word yet on who's getting the hook for Bruney. The Yanks are taking a while with this one...but can it be all that hard to go eeny-meany-miny-mo between Veras, Edwar and Albaladejo?

6.45 PM: And Edwar Ramirez is the lucky winner of the Scranton Express!

7.15 PM: Not entirely sure why CC didn't field the ball right there. Baltimore has two on and none out.

7.19 PM: Nice effort by Teixeira to try to get the double play at home, but Roberts is simply too quick. 1-0 Baltimore, two outs.

7.31 PM: Alex Rodriguez has homered in four straight games. I could so get used to this.

7.37 PM: I am a rare breed, a Yankees/Nets fan. There should be more of us, given our teams, you know, share a channel.

7.43 PM: 1-2-3 inning for CC. The first ball was hit hard, but the second was a harmless fly out and the third a strike out. 2-1 Yanks after 1.5.

7.48 PM: Eight pitch inning for the O's there. Canó's liner was ticketed for center field, but it was caught. Swisher's slumping something horrible; Cabrera had a ground out.

7.56 PM: Sabathia seems to have found the magic juice. I could get used to this, again.

8.03 PM: So we're headed to the fourth inning...I think this time last night we were still in the first.

8.05 PM: Alfredo Aceves, Brian Bruney and Phil Coke are sitting next to each other in the bullpen. This otherwise unremarkable occurrence is notable because they all have shaved heads. Aceves is the only one, speaking as a female, that can pull it off.

8.10 PM: Have I mentioned that I like this CC?

8.16 PM: It's good CC's doing what he's doing because the Yankees' offense hasn't done anything since A-Rod's homer.

8.29 PM: A single and a walk for the O's, but CC works out of further trouble.

8.35 PM: Someone oughta tell the Yankees offense it's, you know, okay to reach base.

8.40 PM: Six pitch inning for CC. Maybe the offense does something now. Maybe not. We'll find out.

8.58 PM: Yanks missed an opportunity there. But hey, at least they got some baserunners. Maybe next inning they'll score.

9.09 PM: CC through seven good innings, but the pitch count is up there. Tough call to send him out for the 8th or toss Bruney right into the fire.

9.24 PM: Hey look! Another run! 3-1 Yankees.

9.28 PM: A hit by Jeter scores two and the Cervelli scores on the throwing error by Adam Jones, and it's now a 6-1 game. And one doesn't need to worry about who pitches the 8th--perfect time for Bruney to get an inning, though CC probably wants it himself.

9.32 PM: That was awesome, utterly crushed by Teixeira. He's playing like he's worth $180 million of late. Now Bruney can let the O's score three runs next inning and not even break a sweat (but I doubt he so chooses).

9.46 PM: Oh Brian Bruney, we have missed thee.