Friday, May 8, 2009

Yankees at Orioles, 8 May 2009: THE RETURN OF A-ROD (*cue spooky music*)

3.37 PM: Is it a coincidence that the sun is shining up here in the Bronx today and the Yankees are down in Baltimore?! I think not!

3.37 PM: Per Rotoworld, Melancon down, Cash up, and someone else is gonna get the good ole' DFA for A-Rod, though we don't know who yet (probably Berroa, but at the moment would prefer Veras). No word on Molina's MRI, either, though if Cash is up you can bet Molina is DL-bound.

3.38 PM: Pete Abraham has some stark splits on Mariano this year.

My inclinations were not (apparently) wrong; Mo is getting hit more this year. The weird thing is, the command's there--he still hasn't walked a batter. So it's likely a consequence of lost velocity and he is coming off of shoulder surgery. However, if the trend continues, say, into June, it's a legitimate cause for major concern.

3.40 PM: Don't forget to Vote for Swisher for the All Star game.

3.48 PM: Like Posada, Molina has a grade 2 strain (though different muscle) and is on the 15 day DL

3.54 PM: If we ignore the obvious black hole at C (no offense Francisco, you're still a prospect, just not ready quite yet), how sweet does this line up look?

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Canó 2B
Cabrera CF
Cervelli C

4.07 PM: For those of you that follow the minors: De la Rosa to Trenton; PJ Pilittere to SWB

6.10 PM: Per WFAN, Ian Kennedy's vasospasm was a symptom of an aneurysm in his harm, and he will undergo surgery to correct it.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery if this is in fact true.

7.12 PM: Welcome back to the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez. Can we have some more of those early-inning non-clutch home runs?

7.19 PM: Robbie's still struggling, but he's been working the count. The hits will come.

7.28 PM: So, apparently, Cervelli has a cannon and we just didn't know it.

7.36 PM: Between Cervelli, Posada and Molina, Cervelli wins the footrace and it’s not even close.

7.41 PM: Nothing doing there--leadoff single by Melky, then a sac bunt, but neither Jeter nor Damon could do anything. Still, Guthrie's pitch count is already up to 46.

7.47 PM: I like this CC Sabathia.

7.53 PM: A-Rod swung at a couple of pitches outside the strike zone there. Perhaps trying to do a little too much.

8.02 PM: "I'll never believe Brian Roberts again". I LOL'd.

8.05 PM: Now, if only Nick Swisher could hit like that AT Yankee Stadium!

8.08 PM: Rob Thompson pushed Swisher there which is why he was out...Cervelli with his first ML base knock.

8.21 PM: I'm not sure some of these strikes are actually strikes, but the ump is calling them for both sides, at least.

8.27 PM: THIS is the CC the Yankees paid for. It's a marvel to watch. A wonderful marvel.

8.38 PM: Even when Melky Cabrera is making outs, he's still working the count and hitting the ball hard.

I like this new Melky.

8.54 PM: It wasn't a home run, but Johnny Damon is an RBI machine right now.

9.07 PM: Young pitchers should be forced to marvel at CC's performance tonight.