Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yankees vs Red Sox, 5 May 2009: A Liveblog

3.54 PM: Damn, that was scary. Just trying to open a new window in Firefox and my entire computer just crapped out, making a really really strange noise with the fan. I've needed a new computer for a bit, now, but I lack the funds for one. But, hey, if you've got a Macbook you're willing to donate...

3.56 PM: Hopefully, if the home plate umpire today is a little bit better, and Joba has something vaguely resembling command, he pitches more than four innings.

It's misty at the moment; certainly not as bad as last night. They'll get this one in.

4.26 PM: during my computer freak out, forgot to mention, the campaign to vote Nick Swisher to the All Star game--he's not even on the ballot! It's a write in campaign and the details can be found here

4.41 PM: Okay, so, if I can find 100 people to donate me $10 each, I can afford the computer I want...who wants to donate?! Anyone? Come on, please?!

5.08 PM: Here is a great explanation of a hamstring strain, the grades (1-3) and an explanation of their severity. Word is Jorge's is a grade 2, but I don't have it from any official source.

5.27 PM: According to my ESPN alerts on my phone, Brett Favre is meeting with Minnesota to consider coming out of retirement. Again.

5.42 PM: Just got really dark. I've kind of forgotten what the sun looks like. All this rain is suffocating.

6.39 PM: According to this post, Bruney won't be back any time soon with the Yanks. Spectacular!

6.55 PM: According to LoHud, the Yankees have re-signed Humberto Sanchez. He is, however, still off the 40 man, so no worries there.

7.14 PM: Two base hits in a row does not a good start for Joba make.

7.18 PM: 4-0 Sox and the Yankees don't have a single out. They haven't really come close, either.

How long do you leave Joba in pitching like this?

7.22 PM: So the Yanks spotted Josh Beckett a four run cushion before they even come to bat. As someone else said, every. single. thing. has gone right for the Sox playing the Yankees thus far. It's a little painful.

Still, this is a Sox-Yankees game. Four runs is definitely not a safe lead.

Unless Beckett starts pitching like Lester.

Who wudda thought you'd ever hear that?

7.34 PM: The good news is that the Yankees won't be no hit, but it kind of ends there.

7.41 PM: Much, much better inning for Jobamania. Maybe now the offense can do something.

7.52 PM: Dustin Pedoria reminds me of a rat. Meanwhile Joba's pissed. Good. He should be.

8.00 PM: So maybe that first inning was a fluke, or something. Would love the offense to do something here, but with Molina-Jeter-Damon, I feel like someone is bound to GIDP.

8.05 PM: A Jeterian single.

8.06 PM: Johnny Damon is cranking them to right. All of a sudden, we have a ball game.

8.14 PM: Canó is 0-for his last-10, but he's still working the count much better than he did last year.

Yanks didn't tie it there, but they got on the board and it was only the third inning. Plenty of time to make up one run if Joba does his job.

8.22 PM: Apparently someone needs to tell Joba that it's the second inning when he comes into the game...

8.26 PM: Melky, you idiot. Okay, it wasn't a terrible idea, but it didn't exactly work.

8.34 PM: Had Melky not been called out, he would have scored on Peña's error-turned-double. It wasn't a bad idea to try for third with one out, but it didn't work and it's still 4-3 Boston.

8.48 PM: Joba's struck out 10 in five innings, though whether or not he starts the sixth is questionable.

Mike at RAB said it well:

"15 starts and he’s K’ed 9 on four occasions?

By all means, make him a reliever."

9.03 PM: Joba's last 8 outs were all strike outs. I don't know where Joe Girardi gets this faith in José Veras, but at least Joba won't be out there in the rain.

9.24 PM: Black holes of doom at the bottom of the line up suck. They really do. I wish the warning track wasn't so bouncy. Swisher probably would have scored.

9.51 PM: This is frustrating, because instead of the normal 'hey, we still have two innings', there's the uncertainty that they might call the game. It is absolutely pouring.

10.04 PM: This Yankee bullpen is killing me. As is Girardi's overmanaging of it. Just plain killing me.

10.08 PM: I am beyond pissed right now. What the hell will it take to beat Boston? What the hell will it take for our bullpen to, you know, pitch like they did last year?

10.36 PM: Should have just left Coke in there.