Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yankees' Errorless Streak Reaches 16 Games In Win (postgame notes 30 May 2009)

Not only are the Yankees in first place right now; they're playing like they belong.

Well, with the exception of Jose Veras and Hideki Matsui's legs, but on the whole the point is still valid.

Their third win in a row and fourth of five (and fourteenth of seventeen) was sparked by the offense, which got on the board when Jorge Posada and Nick Swisher homered in the second, and then took advantage of two Cleveland errors in the fourth, scoring five runs there.

CC Sabathia had no-hit type stuff through four, then seemed to struggle in the fifth and get hit a bit harder in the later innings, but by then the Yankee lead had been built and even if Sabathia had given up a grand slam, the Yanks would have still had the lead.

One of the most encouraging signs this weekend has to be that Jorge Posada has come off of the DL as though he had never gone on it.

On that note, perhaps one of the reasons things have been going so well for the Yankees of late is that even when one player goes down, another steps up in his place.

Think of how well Gardner has been hitting while taking over for Gardner, or Cervelli for Posada, and similar. No team wants to have to play its depth, because then you lose the depth, but the Yanks' depth has exceeded expectations--and now many of the DL'd guys are on their way back.

When Jose Molina returns, likely sometime this week, Francisco Cervelli will likely be sent down; not because Cervelli hasn't done his job (far from it), but because he needs to play every day.

The Yankees have now won 14 of 17 games and haven't enjoyed a stretch like this in a long time.

The feeling you get as a fan is that every day, every game there's a new chance to win...and that might be the best feeling of all.

Liveblogging will return tomorrow...if I wake early enough for the 12.40 start. (this is not a guarantee on a Sunday).