Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yankees vs Rays, 6 May 2009: A Liveblog

5.08 PM: Got lots of work tonight as well, so expect sparse-ish updates. I'm sort of pretending I don't actually have a paper due Friday, but this is generally a bad idea.

5.09 PM: Via twitter, Ken Davidoff of Newsday is reporting a setback for Brian Bruney, but not giving any details.

AJ Burnett could use a really solid start right now. The three wins in a row followed by three losses in a row thing for Yankees' fans is frustrating, to say the least.

5.10 PM: Make sure you check out Vote Swisher and This plan to save Gate 2 from the original Stadium

7.21 PM: Should have been a 1-2-3 inning but Peña boots what should be the final out. AJ walks Peña, but gets Burrell to fly out to dead center. 0-0

7.39 PM: AJ has now struck out four through two. Some of these pitches are just nasty. You can possibly argue that if Damon crashes into the wally he catches Iwamura's double, but Damon's still got a bum shoulder. Anyway, no harm. 0-0.

8.05 PM: It's like the offense threw up their hands and said "we give up"

8.21 PM: Best wishes to Jerry Remy for a speedy recovery. Yes, I know he's a Sox guy but baseball is still baseball. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

8.36 PM: Thoughts go out to Sean Berry of the Astros as well.

8.37 PM: AJ's pitching quite nicely. A little run support and maybe he could actually pitch into the seventh.

8.55 PM: It's now 3-0 Rays and with the way the Yankees have been, uh, swinging and grounding weakly to second, it seems more like 10-0.

9.07 PM: The Yanks have gone to the bullpen. You may want to change the channel. I hear the Mets are playing.

9.19 PM: Holy schnikes, the Yankees' bullpen pitched a scoreless inning!

9.57 PM: Welcome to the Yankees, Mark Teixeira

9.59 PM: Tarp is now on the field.

10.31 PM: Mo coming in the tie game.

10.43 PM: Mo's rust lasted exactly one batter before K'ing the side.

11.03 PM: And Carlos Peña goes yard. Had Ramiro Peña been called safe, the fly out for Molina would have won the game. Mother@#$@#$.

11.21 PM: And with Damon on third, Teixeira flies out to shallow right and Matsui pops out to left.

Life sucks, what can you do?