Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yankees at Blue Jays, 12 May 2009: A Liveblog

3.52 PM: Well, the Blue Jays are the surprise team of the AL East and I'm not sure anyone outside of Ontario saw this coming. Now the Yanks will have to go and face Roy "Doc" Halladay, and they'll have to do it without Swisher. Gardner against Halladay does not inspire a whole lot of confidence.

4.20 PM: So Swisher's 2-12 against Halladay and Gardner's 3-7 with a couple doubles. Suddenly things make a little more sense.

4.47 PM: Jeter scratched from line up, no word on why.

5.10 PM: Jeter is out with an oblique pull. Let this be a lesson to you: Never ask the question "what else can go wrong?"

5.37 PM: Jeter is apparently day-to-day (thanks to @jimbaumbach), but these things tend to devolve quickly.

5.42 PM: Ayayayay. More from Baumbach: "Girardi says he learned of Jeter's oblique problem Saturday. "I'm hoping" he'll play tomorrow, Girardi says."

6.33 PM: Wishing a very happy birthday to one Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra!

6.47 PM: Swisher is sporting a new haircut

7.11 PM: Damon gets thrown out trying to stretch a single to a double. He's fast, but he's not that fast. Anyway, the good news is that even if the Yanks are held scoreless they won't be no hit. Actually, Damon may have been safe there.

Meanwhile Mark Teixeira still kind of sucks.

7.20 PM: Nice inning for AJ there.

7.26 PM: Six outs for Halladay and five via the grounder. He is the best pitcher in the game today.

7.33 PM: A-Rod boots what could have been a DP ball. And given the Yankees are something like 2-12 when they have an error, this does not bode well.

7.35 PM: Derek Jeter probably does not make that play. Not to say Peña's bat makes up for the glove, but thanks to the glove it's still 0-0.

7.41 PM: And through three Halladay has only faced the minimum and is on pace for a CG. As always.

7.47 PM: At this rate, the game will be over before nine.

7.53 PM: The Yankees right now look like they'll be lucky to get another baserunner.

8.00 PM: Burnett's overthrowing and now the Jays have 2 on with 0 out.

8.03 PM: Bases loaded with no one out. It's come undone for A and is unlikely to end well.

8.06 PM: 2-0 Jays, and there's still no one out. A-Rod probably doesn't make that play even if he's at 100%. With the way Halladay is pitching, that's probably the game.

8.12 PM: If Cash holds onto that just a bit longer, it's a great double play. Instead it's 3-0 Jays.

8.17 PM: Matsui's knees must be bothering him for Swish to be PH this early.

8.20 PM: At this rate Halladay could pitch a complete game in less than 50 pitches. He still hasn't faced above the minimum and the Yanks have only had one baserunner.

8.23 PM: Matsui's left the game with tightness in his hamstring. As RAB said, Age 1, Yankees 0

8.34 PM: I get you can't hope for much when Posada, Jeter and now Matsui are out of the line up, but damn, this is depressing.

8.40 PM: That DP was probably the best defensive play of the game, but unless the Yanks get some other baserunners (nevermind runs), it probably will go unnoticed.

8.46 PM: Is that...no it can't be...seriously... a baserunner!?!?!?

8.51 PM: And the Yankees have scored a run now. Even if they lose this game (which, at this rate, they probably will), I don't have to headline the post with 'Yanks one-hit by Halladay'. Which in itself feels really go.

9.02 PM: You're not going to win many games with your fourth string catcher. On the bright side, Johnny Damon gets to hit in the ninth.

9.06 PM: Likely icing on the cake for Toronto.