Friday, May 22, 2009

Yankees Vs Philllies, 22 May 2009: An Unlive Blog

4.00 PM: I'm headed out to the game tonight, but thought I'd provide you with what I can before I go.

Per WFAN the Yankees' line up tonight:


If this line up is correct (the entire reason I'm listening to WFAN right now is a long story and I still don't entirely trust Francesca), then it's good to see Damon back in there, though I get the feeling I'll never actually see Cervelli in a game.

I'll be section 118, Row 28.

Also, check out my guest post on River Ave Blues this afternoon about Alfredo Aceves and the second coming of Ramiro Mendoza.

4.08 PM: Via Bryan Hoch on Twitter, Jonathan Albaladejo has been optioned down.

4.33 PM: Per WFAN, Bruney got an MRI on his arm, but "sounds like he will be okay". If I hear more I will let you know.

4.57 PM: Yeah, Bruney is unavailable tonight. Feeling elbow pain so soon after being activated off the DL, even with a clean MRI, is not a good sign. I'm no doc, but your body is usually only in pain when something is wrong.

The Yankee bullpen tonight is basically Wang, who was recalled and activated off the DL, Tomko and Coke. Mariano Rivera's pitched two nights in a row so they probably try to stay away from him tonight, and Coke's arm might still be a little sore, so hopefully Burnett is on his game. Otherwise it might get ugly in a hurry, and those Phillies can mash.