Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yankees at Indians, 31 May 2009: A Liveblog

10.43 AM: Mmm, it feels good to liveblog again, though the week off was just what I needed.

10.43 AM: Posada is sitting today in favor of Cervelli; day game after a night game is usually a day off for Jorge.

Today's pitching matchup is Phil Hughes and Carl Pavano. This could be, uh, interesting.

12.50 PM: Yankees waste a lead-off double there and don't score in the top of the first. Now, it's Hughes' turn.

1.01 PM: Hughes strikes out two, plunks one and gets a roundout So far he's pumping strikes and the velocity isn't too shabby, either.

1.07 PM: There's a reason Canó isn't known as a great base stealer...

1.11 PM: Nothin' doing there...move along...

1.19 PM: Two innings and four K's for Hughes

1.25 PM: Still nothin' doin' on the offensive front.

1.36 PM: With the bases loaded, Jhonny Peralta singles and it's now 2-0 Cleveland as Hughes seems to have come a bit undone.

1.45 PM: That was a rather awful inning for Hughes, but all things considered 3-0 has to be considered doable for the Yankees.

1.53 PM: Let me rephrase. 3-0 is doable, but the Yankees have to actually hit the ball.

2.00 PM: Hughes needed that 1-2-3 inning to get bak on track. Now the hope is for the offense to do something. Anything, really.

2.07 PM: Too much to hope, then?

2.28 PM: That's Teixeira's 13th home run of the season. Had the umpire not botched the call on Jeter, it'd be 4-3. Anyway, it's 4-2 and the Yanks have nine outs to play with.

3.21 PM: Lots going on in this inning. Carl Pavano's cruising, gives up an infield single to Derek Jeter, so Indians' manager Eric Wedge takes Pavano out and brings in Rafael Perez, who promptly gives up a double to Johnny Damon. Perez comes out, Rafael Betancourt comes in and leaves after two pitches with some sort of leg injurt, and Matt Herges comes in...and gives up a two run double to Mark Teixeira. Game is now tied.