Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yankees vs Rain. I Mean, Rays, 7 May 2009: A Liveblog

6.03 PM: Still have another ten pages to write on this paper and all before tomorrow! Yay! Expect sparse-ish updates!

6.04 PM: A-Rod will rejoin the Yankees on Friday. Fans of scoring with RISP rejoice! Wait, what's that you say? A-Rod is unclutch and hits 'wasted' home runs? Fie! Fie on you I say!

6.34 PM: For the first time since Saturday I can say with absolute certainty: I SEE THE SUN!

7.59 PM: Mark Teixeira and José Molina are killing me. I have eight pages left to go. Screw this 1.5 spacing. It screws with everything.

8.45 PM: Hava Molina!

8.46 PM: It's early, sure, but check out the Swisher splits:

.125/.378/.188 at home
.370/.443/.907 on the road

8.48 PM: Oh, Johnny be good!

9.07 PM: Cervelli on deck there? Huh?

9.14 PM: So who's the backup to the backup to the backup?


10.22 PM: And despite all this Mo still hasn't walked a batter.