Monday, May 18, 2009

Yankees Vs Twins, 18 May 2009: A Liveblog

4.28 PM: After a great weekend I get a chance to veg out on the couch and watch some baseball. Today's line up, courtesy of LoHud:

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Ramiro Pena 3B
Francisco Cervelli C

As lovely as all the walk off wins have been, it would be nice for the Yanks to score early and often, thus not draining the bullpen--or our emotion.

4.32 PM: Courtesy of Bryan Boch (@bryanhoch) via Twitter: Brian Bruney to be activated Tuesday. Chien Ming Wang will throw pen at Stadium Tuesday and decision will be made after.

4.36 PM: Some words that Brett Gardner is DTD with a bruised shoulder; have yet to hear it from an official source, WFAN is reporting.

4.46 PM: From Hoch: "Additionally, Brett Gardner has a contusion of his right rotator cuff after his slide into home plate yesterday. He had an MRI today and Girardi said he is day-to-day."

That makes it sound a little more serious than just a bruised shoulder, but that's what happens when you use fancy medical terms I don't always understand.

7.12 PM: Whoa didn't mean to go three hours without updating. Anyway, Mark Teixeira makes a better gymnast than me.

7.14 PM: Inauspicious start (sorry Kay), as a double and a single and now the Twins have a 1-0 lead with one out.

7.17 PM: Now 2-0 Twins. Not really the start Pettitte envisioned, I'm sure.

7.21 PM: That didn't go very well, as the Twins hit the ball hard. Hopefully Pettitte's just pulling a Joba, but we'll see.

7.27 PM: Two singles for the Yanks and then a balk... which doesn't matter, because Teixeira just crushed one to left field. 3-2 Yanks.

7.30 PM: Alex Rodriguez has now homered in three straight games. And this was back-to-back with Mark Teixeira. It's true, chicks dig the long ball, and I could so get used to this.

7.41 PM: I think that single by Cervelli there, where three fielders could not come up with the baseball, explains the entire weekend for the Twins.

That's all for Perkins who pitches 2/3 of one inning. Yanks up 6-2. Only Swisher and Peña didn't reach base, and Swisher didn't miss by much.

7.47 PM: Now here's a question: does the long inning hurt or help Andy?

7.58 PM: Seemed to help Andy well enough. Twins got runners on via HBP and a bunt, but did not hit the ball hard at all that inning. Of course, the Yanks' stellar defense also helped.

8.06 PM: Nothing doing there for the Yanks. Stupid knuckleballers, and all...

8.15 PM: Andy's getting better as the game is going on.

8.23 PM: A hit, a CS, and two ground outs there. Canó basically gave himself away and Mauer's probably not the world's best catcher to run on.

8.27 PM: That was an absolute bomb by Cuddyer, good thing no one was on base. Now Carlos Gomez with a base hit and Andy Pettitte better watch out. He's only up by three.

8.30 PM: Punto was out by a mile there. Cervelli, it seems, has quite the cannon.

8.31 PM: The Yanks have flashed all sorts of leather tonight. Girardi picked a good day to DH A-Rod.

8.55 PM: Good job there by Pettitte to get himself out of trouble. One would like to see the Yankees score a couple more runs.

9.09 PM: Denard Span bloops one over Jeter's head and now it's 6-4 Yanks. The Yanks really need to get some more runs. They need to get out of this inning first.

9.10 PM: Okay, so they got out of the inning. Now they really need some more runs. Do you trust a 2-run lead in the hands of the bullpen when Rivera's possibly not available after throwing 44 pitches the past two nights? Yeah. Me niether.

9.20 PM: Second and third with one out and the Yanks didn't score, Jeter and Damon striking out. I know, I know, the Yankees are still winning, but now it's only two runs...and that bullpen...

9.29 PM: José Veras coming in to face Cuddyer with two men on. Why do I feel this terrible compulsion to look away?

9.35 PM: Veras gets out of it, but only after walking the bases loaded. Ayayay. Good thing Bruney's back tomorrow, isn't it?

9.40 PM: Teixeira with his second HR of the evening. The Yankees needed that run. They would like some more.

9.50 PM: Only one run there, but even just the one helps a bit. Now, does Veras actually attempt to pitch a whole inning, do they leave it to Edwar, or do they have Swisher come in to pitch?

9.59 PM: And that is why you need the extra run. Now 7-5 Yankees and I'm not really sure who you want facing Mauer and Morneau.

10.03 PM: On the bright side...well... Morneau up with Mauer on in a two run game? I need a drink. Again.

10.07 PM: And Phil Coke strikes out Justin Morneau who had been 4-4. Now the question du jour, who pitches the ninth? Normally it's Mo but he could use the night off.

10.22 PM: To the ninth the Yanks go, with a two run lead, a Mo probably not available and the options of Coke, Albaladejo, Tomko and Aceves. This could be quite interesting.