Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fire and Ice

So my brother and I went to the Devils/Flyers game today; as is usual with these two teams, the game was rough--two major fights and a lot of minor penalties--and the Devils won, 4-2. Madden had two goals; Asham and Langenbrunner had the others for the Devils.

The Prudential Center (or, as it were, the Rock) is an unbelievable improvement over the Meadowlands; I mean, there's even a sushi bar!

We had great seats, third row towards one end, sort of midway between the Flyers' bench and the goal.

So, some pictures:

during pregame introductions

Face-off in front of the Flyers' goal. No goal immediately resulted.

Brodeur. Or, as it were, Deity.

Brodeur after having just stopped a penalty shot.

Celebrating after a goal.


The immortals.

Oh, by the way...Miami won and the Jets covered the spread...but you knew that.

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