Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Morning Surprise

Apparently, Christmas has come early to the Bronx (and from what I've been told, it looks like it, as well).

Andy Pettitte will be back in pinstripes for 2008.

How awesome is this news?

Let's do a Top Ten.

10) Pettitte on staff gives us not just a veteran (ie, Mussina), but a veteran who has been on Series-winning teams, and as someone the youngsters on the Yanks can look up to and learn from, the benefit of having him back for one year goes much further than the one year.

09) There is no one you want more pitching after a loss--the later in the season or the postseason, the better. Sure, he's had a few rough spots, but on the whole he will give the Yankees a chance to win. That says a lot.

08) With him on staff we have a left-hander, regardless of whether or not Santana comes to New York.

07) Pick your rotation: Wang--Pettitte--Joba--Phil--Ian or Santana--Wang--Pettitte-Joba--Phil/Ian. With Mussina, a borderline HoF'er in the bullpen

06) This announcement means that the big three Yankee FA--Jorge, Mo, Andy--who we were worried about leaving after Torre's departure are all coming back.

05) Pettitte said he'd retire or go back to the Yankees. Nice to know he's kept his word.

04) Andy has a great name for headlines. Andy is Dandy, etc.

03) I just keep thinking about Andy's pitching performance in Cleveland last October. I get shivers up my spine.

02) Yeah, did I say he's a winner?

01) He's Andy. Freakin'. Pettitte.

So I am elated right now. Nevermind that it could theoretically all come crashing down if i get my geography term paper back today, but I won't think about that. Life is good.

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  1. Pettitte a true Yankee see's the yankees in need and helped us out.What a great guy we really needed him to pitch for us.