Thursday, December 27, 2007

NFL Picks Week 17

The regular season is almost over, but nearly all eyes will rest on just one game. Good thing (for the TV networks, at least) the game's on Saturday.

New England over Giants. I will be rooting quite vociferously for the Giants, but they don't have the discipline of the Patriots.

Seattle over Atlanta. Man, must be awful to be an Atlanta football fan right about now...

New Orleans over Chicago, though, to be honest, NO might be this season's biggest disappointment.

Cleveland over San Francisco. Cleveland certainly qualifies as biggest surprise of 2007.

Green Bay over Detroit, but losing to the Bears? Seriously? That disappoints me.

Cincinnati over Miami. Sorry, but 1-14? Yeeeghhh...

Buffalo over Philadelphia. It's weird, I should be supporting Philadelphia, but something tells me Buffalo, so Buffalo it is.

Tampa Bay over Carolina. Tampa's that one team this year that's exceeded expectations...but no one's talked about it.

Jacksonville over Houston. If any AFC team other than the Pats or Colts is going to the Super Bowl, it's these dudes.

Minnesota over Denver. Because. Adrian Peterson.

San Diego over Oakland. It's just too bad LT couldn't carry my entire fantasy team. Guess it's what I get for drafting the Jets defensive line...

Jets over Kansas City. For the pure and utter hell of it.

Arizona over St. Louis. I will be surprised if anyone outside of 'Zona or St. Louis is actually watching this game...

Dallas over Washington, though it'd be kind of crazy if Washington won, I think...

Pittsburgh over Baltimore. I'm not picking a team that lost to Miami.

Indianapolis over Tennessee. Sorry Titans fans!

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