Thursday, December 13, 2007

NFL Picks Week 15 (!!!)

Dang, we're at the part of the year where they play Saturday games!

Anyway, seeing as there'll be something else to talk about later, here we go:

Denver over Houston. Denver gives me a better feeling inside.

Cincinnati over San Francisco. Come on now, another easy one.

Buffalo over Cleveland. Yeah, Cleveland won last week, but dude, you were playing the Jets.

Tennessee over Kansas City. Please don't disappoint again, Titans, I have more faith in you than that!

Green Bay over St Louis. Umm. Yeah.

Baltimore over Miami. 0-13? Dang, you lot make the Jets look good

Jets over New England. Because Irony is the spice of life and this'd be extra hot.

New Orleans over Arizona. Because my friend Dan is going to NO to work for Habitat over the break.

Jacksonville over Pittsburgh. Jacksonville has been playing much better than Pitt of late.

Tampa Bay over Atlanta. See St. Louis/Green Bay.

Seattle over Carolina. Seattle's a sleeper team.

Indianapolis over Oakland. At least Oakland's already exceeded expectations this year...

Dallas over Philadelphia. Easy pickings.

San Diego over Detroit. Remember how at the beginning of the season San Diego was bad and Detroit was good? Yea? Niether do I.

Giants over Washington, just cos it's the brother's birthday on Friday.

Minnesota over Chicago. Any team that willfully retains Rex Grossman ain't getting my pick.

Right, back later (as in, fourteen-ish hours) with more 'stuff', but first I have to sleep.

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