Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Seeing Red

My friend, Dan, is as die-hard a Red Sox fan as I am a Yankee fan. We talk about baseball a lot, and seeing as we are almost always on the opposite side of the fence, we have some great conversations, such as the one we're having now.

I thought I'd share with you a die-hard Red Sox fan's point of view on the whole Santana deal.

Dan: I have mixed feelings about Santana...I mean, didn't he struggle last year?

Me: 15-13 I think

Dan: Well, in '06 he was amazing...in '05 he was very good with a couple bad streaks
I'd give up Lester or Buccholz; not both

Me: They wanted Lester, Buccholz AND Ellsbury from us

Dan: [I] wouldn't give up Ellsbury, probably wouldn't give up Pedroia unless they threw in a prospect

Me: Yeah, see they wanted Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera from us

Dan: well that's what they want from us, but what's worrying me is Epstein says now that Ellsbury is on the table...to he, he's our center fielder for the next 10 years...We dont need an ace, so it's not worth trading the farm for...we need another solid starter, two bullpen guys and a fourth outfielder

Me: We need a bullpen...and maybe a 1b.

Dan: I want Danny Haren

Dan:I think Haren would cost less and he's the "solid-but-not-ace-quality" guy I was talking about

Me: but Billy Beane is going to demand the farm for him

Dan: Yeah, that's the problem, all the As are is a farm factory. They don't resign anyone

I will be on a webcast tomorrow at SportstalkNY; the show runs 9 PM to 11 PM and you can call in with Skype, so if you like hearing my voice (for whatever reason), you should turn in!

Right, now to that Victorian literature...


  1. I'm really shocked a 28 "for Sure" Hall of famer with 2 CY Youngs and a 3.33 Era last year is considered bad or declining from two months when he's team was falling apart.

    If Wang was in another team he wouldn't have 19 wins maybe 15.Santana in this team will have over twenty wins...amazing a great pitcher in his prime not coming to us for Alan Horne a 25 year old AA pitcher.

    I think both Yankees fans and Red Sox fans even me don't really care.good post I'm happy we keep Phil Hughes but we need a stater maybe Kennedy will get Haren.

    Also I'll check out that radio show you will be on good luck.

  2. I think our Three Amigos as an entity will be greater than the sum of the parts. Something about how they will push each other and all.

    Anyone else have visions of Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, and Eddie Lopat?