Thursday, December 20, 2007

NFL Picks Week 16

Dang, this season went fast.

All right, here we go, I know last week was horrible, but maybe this week will be better.

Pittsburgh over St. Louis. They need a good win in the worst way.

Dallas over Carolina. I'm pretty sure Jessica's not going to this game, which means T. Romo can focus. Carolina's playing for their playoff lives, but a lot has to go just right...kind of like the Rockies.

Giants over Buffalo. Because if the Giants don't win, they'd have to play the Pats to get into the playoffs, and we all know how that's (probably) going to go.

Green Bay over Chicago. Favre has all the important records. It's almost a pride thing at this point.

Cleveland over Cincinnati. To think, at the beginning of the season, we thought it would be Cincinnati fighting for the playoff spot...

Detroit over Kansas City. Detroit's a bit of a disappointment, after that start, isn't it?

Indianapolis over Houston. Gonna be some AFC championship game, isn't it?

Philadelphia over New Orleans. Heh, you beat Dallas, you get my pick.

Jacksonville over Oakland. AFC sleeper, the Jags are.

Arizona over Atlanta. When you lose Parcells to Miami, you have no manner of luck at all.

Tampa Bay over San Francisco. Run Michael run Michael, etc...

Tennessee over Jets. They need the win for the playoffs, the Jets need the loss for the draft. Not that we'd ever do something good with it, but that's besides the point.

New England over Miami, though Miami is riding the bigger wave of momentum.

Seattle over Baltimore. Dude, you lost to Miami? Even the Jets beat Miami, and they didn't even need overtime.

Minnesota over Washington. I like Adrian Peterson.

San Diego over Denver. Good to know somethings end as predicted.

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