Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some More Blog Notes

Right then...

SportstalkNY is on again tonight, nine PM Eastern, click here to watch and listen live.

Our guests tonight are Ed Willes, author of The Rebel League about the World Hockey Association, and Mark Littell, inventor of the NuttyBuddy, but perhaps more famous for giving up the Chris Chambliss home run in game five of the 1976 ALCS (see last post).

As always, there is a chatroom at the site, and we take calls at 631-615-4799.

I'm off to see Enchanted this afternoon. Hope it's worth my $10.


  1. $10 bucks to see a movie, don't they have a matinée price in Syracuse?

  2. I'm in North Jersey for the holiday.

  3. It was a great show. To anyone who missed it, I'd advise tuning in next week. The interviews are good and the show is a very entertaining two hours.