Monday, December 10, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion, Among Other Things

So I'm not sure who it was that invented the concept of finals, but, oh man, I would so love to give that guy a good thwapping.


The SportstalkNY webcast that I am a part of is slated this week to start Thursday at nine, instead of Wednesday.


Well, it looks like our host, Mark, has got something awesome up his sleeve, because we've got guests!

> Neil Best from Newsday, and Zack Hample

If you don't know who these guys are, click on the links in the previous paragraph. It's pretty cool stuff.

I've got a final on Thursday from 7-9, so I might be a little late, but at the latest I'll be there by 9.30.

Anyway, on the Yankees' front:

You probably know by now the Yankees signed reliever LaTroy Hawkins to a one year deal; this may be a brilliant move or one of Cashman's worst, and since baseball is so unpredictable, we probably won't know until July or August, but the good news is that he's signed for one year. Thus, if he doesn't pan out in 2008, we have no Farnsworth/Pavano-ian obligation.

Though I have heard rumors of Japanese outfielder Fukudome (no, it's not pronounced like that) being interested in the Yankees, I haven't seen any confirmation. At any rate, the Yankees have a surplus of outfielders for 2008; if we were to sign Fukudome, it'd mean that we'd have one of Damon/Melky rotting in the bench. I could see us going after him if we had traded Melky, but we haven't (yet), so don't look for any new Japanese imports. At least, not in center field.

I wrote 6600 words on The Season over the weekend (which is about ten pages single-spaced or twenty pages doubled), which makes it one of the most successful weekends I've had. I look forward to sharing it with all of you...:-D


  1. Great guests for your webcast. You've in the Big Leagues now! (;

    As to "The Season" - You keep writing & I'll keep reading! (:

  2. Ummm...that's supposed to be "you're" NOT "you've". I'm assuming, once posted a comment can't be edited?

  3. Anon--Unfortunately, I don't know how to edit comments.

    =) Please keep reading!

  4. Onliest way I've found is to delete, then write it again =:-0

    Good luck in finals, Becca!

    My boy, Derek, is in finals this week [Kennesaw State] and looks to graduate on Thursday. Wants to be a journalist ;-) He faves the Braves.

  5. Finals were invented by the same people who invented getting up at 6 am to get to work.

    That really is some guest list. I really like reading Neil Best. Maybe he can talk about the impact of the internet on sports journalism in the 21st century ;-)

    I agree on Hawkins. I'm not sure he'll be great, but it's just a one year contract so it's worth the gamble.

    You're going big time, I hope you'll remember me when you become famous! :)

  6. Getting UP at 6 AM to go to work?