Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What with the Shenanigans and the Going Ons...

First things first, since enough of you are asking:

I had two finals yesterday. I thought the first one would be easy and the second would be hard, so, of course, the first one was hard and the second one was easy. I know a lot more about Aerica and World War Two than I realized I did, and it came in very, very handy.


There is (for once, and maybe the only time this winter) not a whole heaping of news concerning the Yankees, but that does not mean there isn't news elsewhere. So, in case you haven't been paying too much attention, here are some of the bigger stories around the league:

Kosuke Fukudome to come Stateside. Fukudome is regarded as one of the best Japanese outfielders; interested teams include the Padres, White Sox and Chicago Cubs.

I'm not sure, but I believe the correct pronunciation of his surname would be something like 'Foo-koo-doh-may'. However, I've never studied Japanese, so I might not to be the one whose advice you take.

Paul Lo Duca agrees to one-year deal with Nationals. This now means that the Nats have taken Milledge, Lo Duca and Clippard, all from New York. It will...uh...be interesting to see how these moves pan out, especially the Milledge one, considering the Nats got him for almost nothing.

Gagné and Brewers finalize one-year $10 million contract. Well, if you honestly thought Gagné would stay in Boston after the disaster of last August and September...

At least, in the National League, Gagné will only see his old team either during interleague play or the World Series. It'll probably do him some good to be away from Boston.

Rangers set to add Bradley to line-up. Bradley, if you forgot, was the dude whose season came to an end last year after a rather interesting confrontation with an umpire...

The big news we are a-waiting is, of course, the release of the Mitchell Report, possibly Thursday. I am singularly amazed it hasn't already been linked.


  1. You're almost right.. the emphasis is on the second to last syllable. It's KOH-sue-kay Foo-koo-DOH-may.

  2. I appreciate you stopping by and I'd definitely like to exchange links...though I don't know exactly how that happens. Do I just add you and you add me?

  3. Yasharms: Yep!

    just edit your link list and add the html for mine.

  4. Finals. AAck! I had so many once [three in a day, two consecutive] that my hand cramped up. I can't remember HOW many pages [that was 30 years ago, eh? ;-)]

    Fukudome will tell a tale [that is, if WE sign him...]

  5. I'm still riveted by the Santana stuff. He's a difference maker and while I do NOT want to give up Hughes for him, I continue to hope there's some way we can get him and that Boston avoids getting him.