Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This is Where it gets Interesting...


If fate didn't love irony so much, I'd have my last final today, and not tomorrow evening, when the Mitchell Report is released.

Oh joy.

Mitchell has planned a news conference for tomorrow (no time is given, so I hope it's in 'early afternoon' territory), and then the report will be released online on afterwards.

I've already told you where I stand on this--Mitchell might be one of the most honest senators in government (and, by his track record, it looks like that), but Selig and MLB erred when they chose someone who is part of the front office for the Boston Red Sox. I am not saying this because I am a Yankee fan; the same conflict would exist if he was in a similar position with the Dodgers, Giants, Marlins, Cubs, Rangers...and yes, even Yankees.

Mitchell might be an honest man and the names in the report balanced among the 30 teams, but it's the concept of appointing him as head of the commission that is at fault.

If current or ex-Yankees are named at a greater rate than Red Sox, expect to hear considerable outcry. I would expect at least one former or current Red Sox athlete to be named; Mitchell will be crucified otherwise.

In other news, the Yankees are working on signing Robinson Canó and Chien Ming Wang; according to Pete Abraham, Wang would prefer a multi-year deal, but the Yankees are hesitant to do so.

Hopefully, the situation gets resolved before it gets nasty.

Andy Pettitte's deal has been finalized, which leaves A-Rod, Mo and new acquisition LaTroy Hawkins to be finalized.

Have to get some going-home preparations taken care of today; the SportstalkNY webcast will air Thursday evening this week. If you get a chance, click the link and look at the guest list...


  1. "If current or ex-Yankees are named at a greater rate than Red Sox, expect to hear considerable outcry."

    What a silly statement. The yankees now, and in the past had two of the biggest known steroid users in the game on their roster (giambi, sheffield).

    Of course there's a good chance the yankees will have more players named than the red sox. And of course there will be crying. Doesn't mean anything.

  2. mitchell report is a giant waste of money.

  3. That Yankees are likely to be named is a given, and most of us will NOT be surprised to see certain names on the list.

    However, if no Red Sox are listed, or the portion of Yankees listed is significantly greater than the Sox, given Mitchell's affiliation, there will be some outcry.

    I'm not saying that it's correct...just that it will happen.