Thursday, December 6, 2007

NFL Picks Week 13

I can't believe we're on Week 13 already. Wow.

There is one good thing, though: the further into the season we are, the closer to the end of fall semester I am!

Washington over Chicago. They have heart.

Buffalo over Miami. The game's *in* Buffalo...there's tons of snow on the ground. Miami ain't winning this one.

St. Louis over Cincinnati. Hey, it worked last week!

Dallas over Detroit. Glad I'm not a Giants fan.

Green Bay over Oakland. Favre is the Clemens of the NFL.

Tennesee over San Diego. This one was HARD, and in the end I went with Tennesee out of loyalty for my Titan readers...but dang, I can easily see this going either way.

Giants over Philadelphia, though the Giants aren't really playing well.

Jacksonville over Carolina. Roar.

Tampa Bay over Houston. Tampa Bay: sleeper of the NFC.

Minnesota over San Francisco. Hey, SF and NYJ have the same record!

Seattle over Arizona. My thoughts with those caught in that storm north and west.

Denver over KC. Because it's Denver. And it's KC.

Pittsburgh over New England. Yes, I am doing it, because I have to do it at least once when the Dolphins and the Jets aren't involved, and I forgot to do it last week.

NY Jets over Cleveland. Jets have been playing much better (we'll ignore the Dallas debacle) of late, and, well, I am a Jets fan. In case you forgot.

Indianapolis over Baltimore. Dude, if you're given a victory over the Pats all gift-wrapped and all you have to do is tie the I'm not taking you.

New Orleans over Atlanta. Remember when we thought this game would mean something?

Back in a little bit with NBA and NHL.


  1. Hey Rebecca! I am pretty nervous about our chances against the Chargers. LT(version 2) will be a tough cookie to stop. I hope that the Jets defeat the Browns, because Cleveland holds the tiebreaker over Tennessee for the final AFC Wild Card Spot. Go Jets!!

  2. I'll root for you if you root for me?

    I'll take it!

    Though it's actually better if the Jets lose--better draft choice!