Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a Small League After All...

Not much new in Yankee land, so some news stories around the league you may have missed...

Dan Haren to 'Zona. The price for Arizona? Most of its present and future farm system. Remember when the Yankees used to think that was a good idea? Yea? Well, I'm glad the Yanks don't any more.

Jim Edmonds to Padres. Remember when this guy was good?

Phillies interested in Mike Cameron Wow, the center field market must be really thin...

SPORTSTALKNY moves back to its regular timeslot this week at 9 PM on Wednesday. Our guests are Ed Willes, author of The Rebel League, and former major league pitcher and coach Mark Littell, also the inventor of the 'nutty buddy'.

Tune in, turn on, have fun.

1 comment:

  1. The Haren trade was insane.4 top 8 of the diamondbacks prospect including there #1.THats like giving up JOba,Kennedy,Horne,Jackson and two others.No excuse for a stater or anybody.

    I'm glad the Yankees have changed(even though they never gave up Hall Famers prospects) but I think the Santana deal will happen this week.