Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday Midnight Melee (or something like it)

You know, I had no plans to watch the Ravens/Pats, but when I turned it on for the heck of it, Baltimore was up, so I kept watching.

I am not a Ravens fan. I am to the Patriots what I am (as a Yankee fan) to the Red Sox and, as a liberal, to (most of) the Republican Party.

yet I was gripped by what I saw: pure grit on the part of Baltimore. They weren't supposed to have the talent to hang with them, let alone the strength to nearly win it...but if it wasn't for a time out that should not have been taken, they would have had it won.

Even still, the last play echoed the Super Bowl between the Rams and the Titans a few years

You don't have to be a football fan to appreciate tonight's game.


I received this email from the folks over at WasWatching:

Not sure if you saw this, but, just in case, I wanted to share the link:

Thanks again for helping to get the word out on this one. I think it helped!

Regards, Steve

The link is worth a click. It's amazing what the fans can do when they band together. For any of you that found the P46 campaign through PBP and wrote accordingly, my thanks.


I have accepted an offer to participate in a weekly sports webcast; the link can be found here.

I have no idea how it will turn out, but tune in on Wednesday, at 9 PM, and see how it goes!


I'm sure most of you saw my posting on PeteAbe's blog, but in case you haven't, I found out today that I made a perfect score on the writing portion of my GRE.

It's certainly not a true test of my writing ability, but as someone that rarely tests well, I was elated by the news.

Catch you all tomorrow evening, maybe by then there will be some real news regarding Santana

We have passed 200 posts.

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