Saturday, December 1, 2007

Smooth (A game of Santana)

So first things first: The winner of the first PBP contest was Brandon, who correctly guessed that Alex Rodriguez would be playing third base for the Yankees in 2008.

He has received his prize accordingly, only I've forgotten what I got him. Oops. Anyway.

A Game of Santana

This one is as simple as they come: correctly guess what happens to Johan Santana and win a prize.

You can guess whatever you want--that Santana ends up on the Yankees for Phil and Melky, that he stays in Minnesota on Opening Day, that he says 'screw it all' and starts training to be an astronaut...

1) One guess per person.

2) If someone's already guessed a scenario, you need to pick something else--no matter what, they'd already have the tie-breaker for posting soonest.

3) Deadline is whenever a deal is finalized/announced.

4) If no one correctly guesses what happens, the one closest to it wins the prize. (That is, if the trade is Phil, Robbie and Alan Horne, and no one guesses that but someone guess Phil, Horne and Melky, he/she/it will win the prize).

So what are you, grand speculator, waiting for?

Ready, Steady, GO!


  1. First, a complaint. Why should Brandon already have won? ARod's deal isn't even official yet, and he could still go to the Twins as part of the package for Santana! But that isn't my guess. My guess is Santana to Yankees for Hughes, Melky, Marquez.

  2. Santana to the Yanks for Hughes, Melky and Tabata...

  3. Boston refuses to up their offer and blinks, trading Lester+ to Oakland for Haren or Milwaukee for Sheets. Yankees then take Hughes off the table and Santana is traded for IPK, Melky, Jackson.

  4. I'm a bit torn on what to guess, as sadly I think Hughes will be part of the deal. I could come up with a deal including Cano which is what I hope for or a deal involving Hughes which I dread. The winter meetings are coming up, I'll go with what seems my best hope now even though I don't believe it.

    Deal for Santana falls apart, he is traded to neither Boston or the Yankees.

  5. I'm back!!! Howdy! :-)

    I don't buy the idea that Minny is looking to win, so I'm going with Quantity/quality:

    Yanks get Johan Santana, SP.

    Twins get Ian Patrick Kennedy, SP to replace him, and get Humberto Sanchez, SP to fill the other SP vacancy. Yanks add on RP Brian Bruney in anticipation of Joe Nathan leaving, as well as Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, SS to plug that gap. To keep Cuddyer in LF, the Yanks add on Wilson Betemit for 3B, and with an eye to replacing Justy Morneau at first, the Yanks pile on Andy Phillips, 1B. Oh, a nearly-MLB-ready OF? Brett Gardner, CF, is the perfect choice. Sadly [for the Twins], the Yanks have no catchers to send over to replace Joe Mauer.

    Hope yer skating injury heals well and quickly, Becca :-)

  6. Santana to the Yankees for Phil Kennedy,Melky,Wilson and Horne.

    Boston gets nothing.