Friday, April 25, 2008

Bad Times For Brian Bruney (with Pregame Notes for 25 April 2008)

So if you asked me last September, what's the last thing I thought I'd be writing here in an April post, "I feel bad for Brian Bruney" would probably be somewhere on the list, but it is very true.

From Tyler Kepner's blog:

Here is what happened to Yankees reliever Brian Bruney on Thursday:

* He had a magnetic resonance imaging exam on his injured right foot, which the Yankees fear has two torn ligaments and which will probably put him on the disabled list.

* He learned that the 18-wheeler transporting his truck to New York had an accident, and his truck fell off and sustained significant damage.

* His aunt in Oregon found his uncle not breathing, and his uncle is now in a coma.

Even though Bruney has not been entirely successful this season, his attempt is worthy of note--at one point only Joba and Mo had a lower WHIP.

You never wish for a player to get hurt, and even more than that, you never wish for a player's family to get hurt.

Here's hoping Bruney's uncle pulls through and his foot heals soon.


After a long night last night, the Yankees are in Cleveland to begin a four game set--three of which are scheduled to be started by lefthanders for the Indians.

As tired as the Yankees are, however, they may have caught a break--Cleveland had to play a double-header yesterday, and the second game did not get started until 10.25 PM Cleveland time.

That said, the Yankees are without the services of Brian Bruney, likely Alex Rodriguez, likely Kyle Farnsworth and likely Ross Ohlendorf.

Andy Pettitte, however, will start (his spot in the rotation was switched with Ian Kennedy's), and hopefully, weather-permitting, go long enough into the game to avoid having to dig deep into the bullpen.

Given the lack of immediate bullpen help, expect the Yankees to make a few moves before game time.

As I stated last night, I'm off to see Rochester and Lehigh Valley tonight; you may or may not get a guest postgame post.


  1. Rebecca,
    I’m sure you’ll have fun at Frontier Field. I’ve ridden more than a few buses there, but I rode a lot more to Silver Stadium back in the day. It’s a tough place for a Syracuse fan to go. Chiefs v. Red Wings is a hot rivalry. An old neighbor of mine once put a curse on the Red Wings. He said they would never win another game. It didn’t work.

  2. Rebecca - have fun on your trip.