Friday, April 18, 2008

Birdfeed (Postgame Notes 18 April 2008)

There aren't many Yankees-Devils fans out there, but, for the few of us, tonight is an exceptionally bitter pill to swallow.

Phil Hughes was not awful tonight. He had a better start than either of his past two starts, and with some better defense and offense with runners in scoring position (which seems to be our downfall this month), he may have well come out of the game at least down only 2-1, if not on top.

Instead, he only lasted into the sixth, and LaTroy Hawkins, nice guy though he may be, did resolutely not come through tonight.

It says something about the state of the offense when the best performance of the night comes from the third-string catcher Chad Moeller, who drove in both Yankee runs.

While Yankee fans can (likely) take comfort in that the slumping Robinson Canò will come around, and while Johnny Damon in left field gives the Yankees their best defensive alignment, the struggles of Jason Giambi are beginning to get old, especially when substitutes who have (so far) been performing, in Morgan Ensberg and Shelley Duncan, could possibly jump start the offense.

In the seventh inning, Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez both had good line-drive swings that could have kept a rally going for the Yankees, if only they hadn't been hit at Orioles' fielders.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Hughes had his best outing since his first one. Moeller has exemplified the "low risk-high reward" signing and almost makes you wish they didn't have to send him down to Scranton. I enjoyed the weather and played Frisbee on the quad.


  1. Phil Hughes was ok. He probably deserved better. The bullpen was not good tonight.

    The Yankees hit some shots that could have been hits and get them right back into the game.

    I am not a big hockey fan but I do like the Devils. Sorry that they lost. Actually Rebecca we are rare in that we are Yankee/Jet fans as well.

  2. Go Rangers!

    But the important part of tonight (the Yanks) sucked.

  3. Im also Yankee/jet. Not a big hockey fan though