Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pregame Notes 3 April 2008

Well, last night didn't go quite the way the Yankees would have liked, but today is a new day, and a bit more even of a pitching match-up with Phil Hughes and Dustin McGowan. Both have electric stuff, if they're pitching well.

Last season, and indeed during some spring training starts, Hughes had some first inning jitters, but he always seemed to settle after that. One of the things to watch for tonight (obviously) is the pitch count--it was pretty high in his ST games, but now that he's not working on any pitchers and just trying to get hitters out, it should hopefully help.

Also, hopefully, we'll see some more offense (at least from the Yankee side), as it's quite pleasant out here in Syracuse and I imagine it's about five degrees warmer in the Bronx or so.

Posada is still out with a bum (read: stiff) shoulder, and Matsui will get the start in left, as Damon will take center when Melky sits his three games.

As always, check back for a postgame recap.


  1. Hope Phil gets off to a good start. Usually he struggles in the first inning and if he gets past that he should be fine.

  2. His first inning was nasty. He looks real good.