Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pregame Notes 17 April 2008

So first things first, I apologize for not being around last night--writing two papers in one day will do that to you.


The Yankees are going for the (short) two-game sweep of the Red Sox and their home stand, but, to do so, Mike Mussina will have to beat Josh Beckett (this matchup seems strangely familiar...)

Last time out, Mussina didn't pitch too poorly; Beckett simply pitched better. Tonight will bring undoubtedly better weather conditions, and the Yankees' bats are riding a hot streak.

Giambi had his first non-HR, non-off-of-Mike-Timlin hits last night, and every Yankee reached base and scored a run. Ohlendorf, Hawnkins and Bruney all pitched last night, which theoretically means that in a close eighth inning, Kyle Farnsworth is probably your man.

Check back later.

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  1. Let's just hope the Yanks score some runs. Moose is so stubborn and will not walk Ramirez.

    Good luck on your papers.