Monday, April 7, 2008

Pregame Notes 7 April 2008

Mussina gets his second start of the year tonight; he did not pitch too poorly in his first start, but pitched just well enough to lose, as they say.

Lucky for him, he does not have to pitch against AJ Burnett tonight, but merely Hammel.

However, Mussina would benefit from some actual run support--this is the first time in nearly 40 years that the Yankees have not scored more than five runs in a game by this time in a season. (Thank you FOX MLB Power Rankings, I think)

Molina will catch in place of Posada; Giambi is still a scratch, with Betemit getting the start over Ensberg because of the right-handed Hammel.

Duncan will serve the second of his two game suspension.

The Yankees are 1.5 games back of Baltimore, if you were wondering. However, if you care about the standings at this point in the season for any reason other than comedy, you're probably in the wrong sport. Detroit is off tonight, for those hoping to catch their attempt at going 0-7.

Check back for the postgame.

Thank you those that read through the last post. Extended metaphors take some work.


  1. Mussina will go his 5 mediocre innings and we will get to see Hawkins get beat up again.

    The Yanks better hit tonight if they want a "W".

    Giambi not playing is always a bonus!

  2. I know I'm cheating by posting after Moose's outing, but he was awesome.
    Now we just have to hope that Jeter is ok. Betemit at shortstop for an extended time is a big drop off.

  3. Then again, I could be wrong.

    But I was right about the hitting and unfortunately, we did see Hawkins.

  4. The Yankees need to get rid of either LaTroy of Farns or both, preferably. They are both mediocre and old, and are blocking better, younger arms in the minors. Which is better:
    Mo, Joba, Bruney, Ohlendorf, Traber, Farnsworth, LaTroy
    Mo, Joba, Bruney, Ohlendorf, Traber, Albaladejo/Patterson/Britton, another one of Albaladejo/Patterson/Britton