Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pregame Notes 08 April 2007

You'll forgive the Kansas City Royals if they forget there's a baseball game today.

Anyone who's ever had the experience of winning an NCAA basketball tournament knows what it's like--for that brief, shining moment, nothing else seems to matter.

However, the Yankees don't have the luxury to enjoy it. Instead, they begin a stretch where they play 18 of 20 on the road, with one off day, and the two they do play at home? Against Boston.

You'll forgive the Yankees if they're counting down the days to May 1.

Still, that might not be the Yankees' biggest concen.

There is still no official word on Jeter's injury with the amount of time that he'll be out; ESPN 1050 in NY has him out a week, but athletes (with the exception of one who shall-not-be-named) have a habit of downplaying injuries.

Some are throwing about the idea that if Jeter is hurt for any length of time, A-Rod should move to short so Ensberg can play third; this is an idea, but unlikely; A-rod has not spent considerable time at short since 2003--five years--and throwing him there cold would, from a defensive standpoint, be a very bad idea. However, if Jeter's injury is DL-worthy (and hopefully, of course, it's not), it might be a possibility the Yankees seriously consider.

Phil Hughes is on the mound; he pitched well in his first start, and has a chance to pitch the Yankees to their third straight win.

Brian Bannister will pitch for Kansas City, who has a surprisingly solid top three in Bannister, Gil Meche and Zach Greinke.


  1. If Derek is out for a while (DL) I don't think you move Alex. If Alex does really well there it will create a controversy when Derek comes back. Betemit is a short term solution (no DL). Otherwise you bring up Gonzales for his glove and have the other 8 bats cover for him.

  2. I would play Betemit as SS and leave everyone else alone.

    No need to disrupt 3/4 of the infield and limit bench moves because 1 guy got hurt.

    Plug the hole and play on.

    Call up A-Gonz if Jeter is DL'd.

  3. Mike: That seems to be the consensus.

  4. I don't think A-Rod playing would cause controversy. That move would only be made knowing that its Jeter's job, not A-Rod's. If A-Rod could play a passable short, then A-Rod and Ensberg is a better left side of the infield than A-Rod and AG.