Friday, April 25, 2008

Postgame Notes: April 25, 2008 (Guest Post)

Hey guys, Brent again here. Another guest post? This is what happens when the author of this great blog has more of a life than you (as in, me) do. Becca, yes, I'm kidding.


After the depressing news about Brian Bruney, the Yankees were to set out with their main stopper, Andy Pettitte, to get the first win of the three game series against the Cleveland Indians. What the Yankees did were exactly the opposite of their plan.

Pettitte looked ok up to... the dreaded fifth inning. I will be honest, I underestimate Jhonny Peralta. I even mumbled to myself, "Pettitte, just throw a strike" before his 3-1 offering to Peralta. Yes, I bite my tongue hard after the pitch. One more solo shot (Franklin Gutierrez's solo HR) later, and I was left shaking my head and questioning whether jinxes still exist.

Though watching Jonathan Albaladejo's curveball and A-Rod playing great defense at third base almost washed the taste of a loss out of my mouth, the Yankees had the lead and squandered it.

Tomorrow, the Yankees bring out Ian Kennedy to pitch against left-hander Jeremy Sowers. The question: who (if any) is Girardi taking out of the line-up tomorrow? Giambi? Abreu?


1) Jason Giambi: In the battle of HGH vs. steroids, steroids proved to be the winner tonight. Giambi took Byrd deep twice, having himself a 3 RBI game. I have to say, as much as Giambi may give you negative results at first, his ability to get on base and his power will always be an asset. As long as he can stay relatively consistent, the Yankees have an advantage.

2) Jonathan Albaladejo: He looked great, pitching in relief and giving the Yankees two needed innings of no-hit ball. He helped keep the game close and, even better, we didn't have to see anyone else pitch, giving the Yankees mostly a full bullpen to use, in case Kennedy bombs.

And yes, tomorrow's another day. Good thing baseball isn't played on a football schedule. That would been a heart-attack and a half.

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  1. Pettitte said that he was gassed by the 5th inning. I think that long first inning did him in. If Giambi does not make an error it is a quick first and those "saved pitches" probably get Andy through 5.