Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wang + Joba + Mo = Win

Stat of the Day: Last year the Yankees did not get their third win in a game decided by less than three runs until July 17th.

This year, on April 6th, they have three of them.

Chien Ming Wang had an excellent start, with no-hit ball through four-and-a-third, and then kept the shutout intact until he left in the seventh.

So cue arguments about whether or not Wang is an ace, but six games into the season, he's got two wins and an ERA about 1.37. His pitching today was great, not just because of the six scoreless innings, but because of the way he did it--not just with the sinker, but with the slider as well.

Joba was Joba, and needed just eight pitches each in the seventh and eighth to get the job done, albeit with some great defensive help from Canò, and Mo was, of course, Mo.

Hideki Matsui went three=for-four, and provided the Yankees' lone offensive with a two run home run out of the five spot, where he'd been moved up as Giambi sat today's game.

However, there is a budding concern with the Yankees inability to score with runners in scoring position. In multiple innings, they had more than one on with less than two outs, and could not bring these runs around to score.

It didn't hurt us today because of the excellent pitching we got, but it eventually will. Of course, the Yankees look like they're about to break out--they're hitting the ball now, which is an important first step, of course--just have yet to hit the ball in a timely situation.

OPTIMIST TAKE: The pitching today was phenomenal, and knowing that it's Yankee pitching carrying the team through the first six games is an excellent sign. Offense might win games, but pitching will win championships. Canò was two-for-four and looks like he's about to break out of his slump. Melky Cabrera has a mini-hit-streak going. Mo already has three saves.


Braves over Mets, 3-1. Johan Santana had his first loss.

Orioles over Mariners, 3-2. Orioles scored all of their runs in the bottom of the ninth. They are now 4-1.

Reds over Phillies, 8-2.

Blue Jays over Red Sox, 7-4. Manny Delcarmen gave up a grand slam on the first pitch he threw in relief of Beckett.

Pirates lead Marlins, 9-2, in the bottom of the ninth, Royals over Twins, 3-1 in the ninth; Brewers over Giants 6-0 in the eighth; Cardinals over Nationals 2-0 in the eighth; Cubs and Astros tied at two in the seventh; Rockies over Diamondbacks 1-0 in the fourth; Angels over Rangers 1-0 in the third, Indians and Athletics and Dodgers and Padres scoreless in the first. White Sox and Tigers play at 8; Tigers are the only team still winless.

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  1. Oops...if Wang keep this way all the time that i do believe he will be Ace.