Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Hurts Keep Coming (Postgame Notes 30 April 2008)

It's as if the injury bug is contagious.

Tonight's loss to the Tigers is further compounded by the knowledge that Phil Hughes has been placed on the 15 day DL with a strained oblique.

There was nothing pretty about tonight's game, especially after the fifth inning.

Andy Pettitte started the game given the Yankees exactly what they needed--good, solid, pitching, but in the middle of the fifth Pettitte made a mistake to Marcus Thames and did not recover.

The Yankee offense managed just five hits tonight, three in the first inning and two off of the bat of Melky Cabrera, who seems to be providing the near entirety of the Yankee offense this season. Unlike last night, where the Yankees brought the tying run to the plate in the ninth inning, they went down easy tonight, looking lackluster at best.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Not a lot to be optimistic about tonight, but Melky Cabrera's bat remains strong. He was moved up to the sixth spot tonight and the way he hit, you wouldn't have realized it. April is at last over, and the Yankees can theoretically look for some warmer weather and a lighter schedule.

I'm off tomorrow to go see some more minor league baseball because I can; will have postgame notes up late.


  1. Good optimism. I'm excited about Melky this year. I want to see him run more too, but he might only be going when he gets the green light (I know the vets usually run when they want).

    When was the last time Melky hit in the 6 hole? Seen him at the top and bottom... never there.

  2. Thanks.

    I don't think we've ever seen Melky in the six hole...and seeing as he seems to be the only guy that can hit with RISP, it won't surprise me to see him in the 4 hole before A-Rod gets back.

  3. He started the game hitting 6th 3 times last season, mostly likely on days when the struggling lefties (Cano, Damon, Abreu) were given the day off against a southpaw.

  4. Right now the Yanks are not getting good pitching or timely hitting. Either the pitchers or hitters are going to have to step up and carry the team until ARod and Posada get back.

    Rebecca -Enjoy the games tomorrow and congratulations on passing your last exam.

  5. You sure picked a heckuva of a season to be an optimist so far! But I love seeing Melky doing so well and I am really glad the Yanks don't have last year's bench right now. I do wish they'd just let Shelly play first for a stretch though. Give the guy a chance.

  6. Other than Farnsworth's HR, the bullpen was decent tonight. Edwar Ramirez is giving us reasons to be optimistic. Maybe Rasner will shine in his 2008 big league debut in place of Hughes.

    A-Rod's injury will hopefully give Alberto Gonzalez more big league at bats and he could turn to be a productive player.

    Bruney is going to try to avoid surgery in the hopes of returning in August. Wilson Betemit is making a few rehab starts (although I don't care for Willy that much). The rest could do Phil Hughes some good, give him time to cool off emotionally and work with Dave Eiland.

    So there you go, there's a few things to be optimistic about. The Yank's history of slow April starts and strong finishes suggests things should start coming up roses very soon.