Saturday, April 5, 2008

Noffense (Postgame Notes 5 April 2008)

That wasn't quite what the Yankees wanted.

Andy Pettitte did not have a great start, but was okay for most of it--the three run home run by Jonny Gomes turned a very winnable 2-1 game into a 5-1 affair and, unfortunately, the Yankees bats weren't there to pick up the slack.

It was nice to see Posada get his first hit of the season and Betemit get a hit as well, but once again the Yankees struggled with RISP and now you have to begin to ask if it's not just good pitching on the part of the other team, but what, exactly, is the issue with the Yankee bats and April.

The Yankees did show signs of offensive life in the 8th, but, good as Canò is (and he'll be on a few all star teams before it's all said and done) he is not the guy you want batting in pressure situations, with horrible lifetime numbers with the bases loaded. Granted, he's still young and has a lot to learn, but he's not a rookie any more.

If anything, today and last night probably showed exactly why the Yankees need Melky in center and Damon in left.

Giambi left the game with a sore groin. If he is injured for any length of time, this could create an issue as, while Duncan, Betemit and Ensberg can all play first, none of them are primarily first basemen. As a poster, "V", said on the LoHud blog, the Yankees should send some ninjas to capture Teixeira from Atlanta.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Who are you, and what have you done with Brian Bruney? Two perfect innings, makes you almost wonder why he was lifted for Ohlendorf. The Yankees did show offensive signs of life in the 8th; hopefully it will pick up tomorrow.


Cardinals over Nationals, 5-4

Reds over Phillies, 4-3

Cubs over Astros, 9-7

Brewers over Giants, 5-4

Blue Jays over Red Sox, 10-2.

most other games just getting underway. I've got a lot of work to do, so you all know where to find the scores.

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  1. If anything, today and last night probably showed exactly why the Yankees need Melky in center and Damon in left.

    I couldn't agree more. Whether it was Crawford scoring on a very shallow fly ball, or Matsui butchering a play in left, the Yanks need Melky's defense. Matsui simply is terrible in the outfield now. Perhaps Damon could have caught Gomes' homer. Either way, Matsui has looked terrible in the field.

    Duncan isn't looking great at first either. I'd like to give Ensberg a look.

    Melky's back tomorrow, thankfully!